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  Since 1986, R&R Drummond has provided cutting optimization software for wood, plastic, glass, sheet metal and other fabricators.
  Priced at only $199.99 it's one of the
Nation's Best and least expensive optimizers for Panel, Roll and Linear cutting all in one package.

  Optimize your biggest jobs in minutes!

  It's so Easy! You enter the Items to cut and sheet
  Stock. Set the Cutting and Turning options and
  click Generate. Hand drawn sketches and
  guesswork are eliminated.
  All cutting plans are automatically generated and
  can be viewed and printed individually with their
  respective cut list. Multi-view provides a
  comprehensive overview of all the group layouts
  generated and reduces the quantity of drawings
  required in the shop. Smart Drag and Drop
  enables manually relocating pieces within or
  between layouts and Power search and Sheet re-
  order may boost efficiency further. 
  Our customers, cabinet makers, plastic fabricators,
  sheet metal workers, and others who require cutting
  optimization like being able to tweak the layouts at
  times to favor ease of cutting. 
Basic Pricing:
The ITEMIZER: $199.99 (Email Download)
The ITEMIZER (Upgrade): $79.99 (Email Download)
The ITEMIZER (V9 user's upgrade): $49.99 (Email Download)
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Efficient plans.  Easy to use.  Free technical support.
One of the Nation's Best Optimizers.

Easy to Learn... Easy to Use.
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